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Ballater School

Ballater Primary School is situated on the northern outskirts of the town of Ballater, close to the edge of Craigendarroch Hill. The school was built in 1955 to replace the older Ballater School on School Lane which became the Ballater Environmental Education Centre. At one time, the school stood on its own in the woods, but is now partially surrounded by more recent housing. However, the school grounds still retain their trees, and the grounds and play area are unique in that respect. The school has been referred to as The School in the Woods, and the grounds are home to a remarkable variety of plant and animal life which represent a wonderful teaching resource.   The school is built to an L-shaped plan, one side of which houses the hall and kitchen, the other side being the teaching area, with six classrooms in it. In 1993 an extra classroom was built at the edge of the playground area to accommodate a growing school roll of about 130.


There are currently six classes at the school, covering the range of pupils from Primary 1 to Primary 7. Five of the classes are composites i.e. they have two age groups of pupils working together. Another room is used as a general purpose area and is also the home of Ballater nursery, which operates on a part time basis. It meets on three occasions a week and can take up to twenty children in the class.


The school is a state primary, offering a typically broad-based curriculum, following the Scottish 5-14 curricular guidelines. We operate with the equivalent of six full time teaching staff, including the Head Teacher, who has a half-week teaching commitment. Two of the classes are staffed on a job share basis, with the staff working half a week each. As well as the class teachers, Ballater has visiting staff for learning support, art, drama, music, physical education and home economics. There are also music instructors in violin and brass instruments. We also have the invaluable services of a part time secretary, a janitor, two auxiliaries who look after the children at intervals and lunch break, a school cook and two assistants and a school cleaner.


Ballater School details are listed on the Aberdeenshire Council site and notices of closures and posters for events are displayed on the Facebook page Ballater Community! Visit the calendar on the Ballater Community website for all local events.

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